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After all the hard work Maureen told me to remove these little things from the house before she eats them all!

Baking this cookie was involved.  Anytime something has to be room temperature or chilled overnight it messes up my timing. I broke this project into stages over three days which really helped.

Blanching and toasting this many almonds is a lot of work.  I’m glad this recipe didn’t call for blanched walnuts!

The apricot levkar turns into a gooey chewy fruity goodness that is spread on dough.

This is a partial shopping basket of the items I did not have at home already.

Time consuming, expensive and totally worth it.


  1. Yours look just delicious. And now you have the ingredients to make more!

  2. They were pretty darn tasty. I had to remove them from the house as well (luckily co-workers don’t mind).

  3. Saira

    Lovely !!!!!! Perfect size n shape …. Loved these cookies .. so worth the effort !!

  4. Cher

    I am very glad I didn’t have to blanch my own almonds. Whew.
    I am sure the leftover ingredients will become something tasty.


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